Northern Ohio Honored Heroes

Northern Ohio Honored Heroes


 Meet John Oliver (J.O.) 



In 2016, John Oliver, aka, J.O., was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Several days before his diagnosis, he hit his head and it left a bruise. Days later, when J.O. was still lethargic, his parents took him to the doctors thinking he had a concussion. His blood work came back indicating the leukemia. J.O. went through 8 months of intensive chemo and steroids. In addition to bone marrow biopsies and spinal taps. For three years he also had to take a daily chemo medication. J.O. finished treatment on December 27, 2019! J.O. likes basketball, hockey and chocolate donuts. He also likes looking at the details of World War I & II army outfits!



 Meet Anna



From the beginning of 2016, Anna always seemed to be sick. Colds, ear infections, viruses... she couldn’t seem to kick them. Then she hurt her back playing with her brother. The pain would come and go but in the middle of May, it wouldn’t go away any more. When Anna was diagnosed, 57% of her bone marrow was full of leukemia! Anna endured 2 ½ years of chemo, immunity infusions and lumbar punctures where chemo was injected into her spine. Anna finished treatment on July 28, 2018! Anna likes spaghetti and meatballs, math and trips to Hocking Hills!



Sailing In Memory of Barbara Huntley


In 2006, Barbara started feeling ill. After having a negative chest x-ray, she was relieved, but still felt ill, tired, was coughing and out of breath. In the beginning of April, Barbara decided to go to the doctor again. This time, they drew blood and she was diagnosed with leukemia; she was given a year to live. 

Barbara was a fighter and kept the best attitude possible with this prognosis. She went through treatment and many blood transfusions. The year was tough, but she never gave up. On her last day, Barbara's doctor gave her a new kind of chemo treatment, which looked hopeful. Unfortunately, she passed away 12 hours later. She died exactly one year after being diagnosed. 

After Barbara's husband, Jim, passed away, it meant the world to her to make the Sandusky Islands Race special in remembrance. The 50th celebration was very special and the whole family got involved to make sure of that. Barbara also donated a trophy in memory of Jim as well. Every year the Islands Race is still special to the family, knowing Jim was a founder and how much it meant to Barbara. They have tried to make it a successful event and make sure the tradition lives on.

We are honored to sail in memory of Barbara during the 65th anniversary of the Sandusky Islands Race and to do so for many years to come.