The Jobson Cup

The Jobson Cup

The Jobson Cup was established in 2009 to recognize the top fundraising yacht club for each year since 1993, when national chairman Gary Jobson first partnered with the Leukemia Cup Regatta campaign.

On October 28, 2017, the Jobson Cup was presented to the San Francisco Yacht Club (SFYC), Belvedere, CA, which raised over $750,000 during the 2017 Leukemia Cup Regatta campaign. The presentation took place in conjunction with the Fantasy Sail with Gary Jobson in Annapolis, MD.  The SFYC will display the Jobson Cup at their club until the 2018 Fantasy Sail, at which time the Jobson Cup will be presented to the top 2018 fundraising yacht club.

The Jobson Cup carries inscriptions for every top Leukemia Cup Regatta fundraising yacht club since 1993. We salute these clubs for their above-and-beyond support, and are extremely grateful to the entire sailing community for their coast-to-coast involvement in fighting leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma.


Top Fundraising Yacht Club

1993 Eastport Yacht Club
1994 Eastport Yacht Club
1995 Southern Yacht Club and New Orleans Yacht Club
1996 Eastport Yacht Club
1997 Savannah Yacht Club
1998 Dana West Yacht Club and Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club
1999 Savannah Yacht Club
2000 Savannah Yacht Club
2001 Houston Yacht Club
2002 Houston Yacht Club
2003 Houston Yacht Club
2004 Houston Yacht Club
2005 Dana West Yacht Club and Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club
2006 Eastport Yacht Club
2007 San Francisco Yacht Club
2008 San Francisco Yacht Club
2009 San Francisco Yacht Club
2010 San Francisco Yacht Club
2011 San Francisco Yacht Club
2012 San Francisco Yacht Club
2013 San Francisco Yacht Club
2014 San Francisco Yacht Club
2015 San Francisco Yacht Club
2016 San Francisco Yacht Club
2017 San Francisco Yacht Club 


National Supporters

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Celebrity Endorsers
Betsy Alison  |  Steve Benjamin  |  Steve Colgate  |  Carrie Howe  |  Terry Hutchinson  |  Gary Jobson  |  
Suzy Leech  |  Katie Pettibone  |  Paige and Zach Railey   |  Dawn Riley   |  Matt Rutherford   |  Anna Tunnicliffe

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