Local Staff Contacts

5433 Westheimer 
Suite 300 
Houston, TX, 77056 USA 
Phone: (713) 840-0483 
Fax: (713) 877-8534 


Executive Director: Billie Sue Parris (billiesue.parris@lls.org)


Development Director: Charley Tauer (charley.tauer@lls.org)


Senior Manager, Patient Access, Education & Advocacy: Erika Pomares (erika.pomares@lls.org)


Administrative Assistant: Ashley Bider (ashley.bider@lls.org)


Operations Manager: Nunzi Pritchett ( nunzi.pritchett@lls.org)


Sr. Campaign Director - Team In Training: Amanda Payne (amanda.payne@lls.org)


Campaign Specialist - Team In Training: Jason Berger (jason.berger@lls.org)


Campaign Director - Light The Night: Peggy Stephens (peggy.stephens@lls.org)


Sr. Campaign Manager - Light The Night: Ashlee Valavala (ashlee.valavala@lls.org)


Campaign Manager - Light The Night: Breanna Bueche (breanna.bueche@lls.org)


Sr. Campaign Manager - Man & Woman of The Year: Nicole Townley (nicole.townley@lls.org)


Campaign Manager - Man & Woman of The Year Campaign: Alex Schikal (alex.urband@lls.org)


Campaign Director - Student Series: Angelica Schaefer (angelica.schaefer@lls.org)


Campaign Specialist - Student Series: Kathryn Barrackman (kathryn.barrackman@lls.org)


Campaign Specialist - Leukemia Cup Regatta: Jason Berger (jason.berger@lls.org


National Supporters

The Leukemia Cup Regatta
is endorsed by

Celebrity Endorsers
Betsy Alison  |  Steve Benjamin  |  Steve Colgate  |  Carrie Howe  |  Terry Hutchinson  |  Gary Jobson  |  
Suzy Leech  |  Katie Pettibone  |  Paige and Zach Railey   |  Dawn Riley   |  Matt Rutherford   |  Anna Tunnicliffe

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