Individual Goal $2,500.00
Team Goal $4,000.00
May 19, 2016


In memory of fellow MDS/AML patient Bernadette Fobert
You are such an inspiration!
Therese Chambers,
Not much, but hope it helps!!
Camille Settle,
Way to go, Kristina! You are SO incredibly inspirational!
Kim York,
I love you dearly, and wish you the only health and happiness in your adventures! Catherine
Catherine Cripe,
Happy to contribute to a great cause. Thanks for reaching out!
Sally and Larry Cole,
Kristina, Life has dealt you some very sour lemons and you have done your best to make and serve up lemonade to many of us. Wishing you a wonderful regatta, along with good health and happiness. Judy
Thank you for the opportunity to participate. Go Kristina!
Anne Chafee,
Love you, Kristina! Stay healthy and be happy!
David and Beth,
Smooth sailing, Kris.
Jennifer Coburn,
You go, girl!
Lisa Farin,
With love, hugs, and healing best wishes. Go Kristina!
Lynn Prunhuber,
Have a great time sailing. Bev Wagner
Beverly Wagner,
My the winds be kind to you! Take care my friend. Michelle
Michelle Kunzwiler,
Good Job!!!
mike mcguane,
You are wonderful! Thank you, thank you! With love, Michaele
Michaele Flynn,
Go Kristina, I'm very proud of you. Cheers. Sharon
sharon chamberlain,
Kristina glad to once again support this wonderful organization in your honor. see you on the hiking trails! Barbara
To Kristina Southard- Best wishes for a wonderful Regatta! With much appreciation for your talent, energy and spirit, Pam Becker and Marc Stewart
Pamela Becker,
To you Kristina and Stephen Bess :)
Montgomery family,
You're an inspiration!
Nancy Hawkes,
Kristina, We are so proud of your progress. You're in our thoughts and prayers Love to you, Ken and Cindy Demme
Cindy Demme,

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