Individual Goal $10,500.00
Team Goal $15,000.00
Apr 26, 2016


Ya girl! You're super amazing and I'm proud to call you my friend.
Natalie D West,
You are awesome! Xo.
Jessica Gowdy,
Cristy, Great effort and a worthy cause! I hope you have a fabulous day (or more) on the water. Gavin
Gavin Reynolds,
Great job Christy - what a fun way to support a worthy cause!!
Colleen and Shawn Woods,
Good luck Cristy!
Scott Weigel,
Good work Cristy!
Ed Parks,
Crisy- This is the way to raise money for a charity! Toughing it out on a boat.
Toby Sutherland,
Thank you for raising money for such a great cause. Good luck in the race!!
jill swent,
Keep up the effort. One step closer to your goal.
David Cantwell,
Thanks for your work on this!
Chris Ruffini,
Submitting for the double match at work today :)
Laurie Kenneth,
Cristy, Good luck on your fund raising efforts with Leukemia. David & Whitney Susoreny
David Susoreny,
Great to hear you're doing this again. Have fun!
Derek Woodburn,
Happy Sailing Cristy! Let's get you down here to sail once we are members at St. Francis Yacht Club (sometime mid summer is when we are supposed to clear :)) Hope you are well and let's chat next week.
Cale Miller,
Happy to support!! Have an amazing sail! Sure hope I get to sail with you one of these days!
Wendy Boyer,
Cristy, happy sailing to you! LL&L is a wonderful organization and so pleased that you are fundraising on their behalf.
Anne Neely,
Way to go!
Phil Greely,
We are happy to support you for such a great cause! Don Rempel and the 'real' team
Cristy, thank you for taking on such a great cause! Because of people like you, we will beat cancer... Thank you so much for all you do. I'm glad the JLL team can help you in your efforts. It's been a pleasure working with you this year. Mitch, Doug, Curtis, and Greg
mitch lundquist (JLL),
Good Luck Christy!
Suzie Lovato,
Good luck Cristy!
Nicole Brown,
Go Christy! You are awesome.
Leigh Allen,
To the best real estate manager I've ever worked with. I'll support you in all endeavors
Tracy Adcock,
Great work, Cristy! Many will benefit from your drive and perseverance! The Harding family is proud to help you along the way!
Ryan Harding,
Captain Cristy! You're the best ambassador for the sea that I know. Keep up the good work!
Andrew Pottenger,
Go Cristy!!! Love you!!!
Laurelei Papajani,
Sounds amazing!!
Jennifer Boyce,
Good luck with The Leukemia Cup Regatta, have fun and I hope you reach your personal goal. Best to you!
Linda Weber,
My father 😍
Carmen and Gary Deboer,
Good luck Cristy! We miss your smiling face!
Jennifer and Brian Hegerle,
Inspiring as always - I hope all is well with you!
Chris Jenkins,
Good luck Cristy and team!
Danie and Diane,
I love that you girls are doing this and so proud!
Brenda Lewis,
Cristy, I am so proud of you and your team for your continued support of LLS! I wish you enjoyment and fulfillment in your sailing adventure to support an amazing cause. Good Luck and Happy Sailing! Janet
Janet Polanchyck,
Cristy - I love you and I loved my dad. You're such a champ. And I know you will have so much fun doing this!
Margot Kelly,
Great cause - thanks for doing this!
Noel Mazaika,
from moni and john - go Cristy go!
moni wolf,
Go Cristy's team go! Great cause you guys!!!
Kim Townsend,
Go Cristy!
Denise Owen,
Thank you for donating your time and efforts to such a wonderful cause.
Scott Feighner,
Dear Cristy & Team: Good Luck! My Best, Nancy
Nancy Pounder,
May the wind always be at your back
Michael Presley,
Good luck to you and your team sailing!
Bonnie Austin,
Good luck!
Elaine Javernick,
Best wishes to you and your team.
Mary Blankenship,

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