Individual Goal $9,000.00
Team Goal $9,000.00
May 28, 2016


I'm so glad I picked you up at that party all those years ago! And, so glad both of our lives have made a difference in the world.
Jeneene Brengelman,
So fun to follow your adventure!
Patty Riley,
Go, fight win, CB. You are making a difference!
Tom & Leslie,
My friend, Fran Leonard, miss you buddy!
Mike McCaughan,
Always be yourself. Unless you can be a pirate. Then always be a pirate. Happy sailing Captain Chris
Heather Ingram,
Let's hit the goal!
Congratulations on putting your efforts towards Cancer Research which will lead to a cure. We are so happy you are doing well.
Beverly and Michael Doleac,
Happy Sailing! Will miss you at the eye clinic. Marty Hill
Martha Hill,
Glad to be supporting blood CA research.
Joel Jackman,
The Fran
Chris Barry,
Keep sailing, Chris. Carole and Ed
Edward P. Rich,
Chris, your efforts to raise money for this cause are appreciated by all. Thank you for being who you are!!!!
Steven Byers,
Stay well Chris!
Mary Coday,
Keep fighting the fight!
Nancy Rogers,
Nice job Chris, hopefully I'll be well enough to attend the burger bash this year.
Michael Lawrence,
Yeah! Cancer free!! go go go Looking forward to Buffalo burgers and beyond...
Willow Thompson,
Best wishes from Ohio! Happy sailing for a great cause! Laurie (Bailey) Weed
Laurie Weed,
keep on sailing Chris!
Frederick Savoye,
Happy sailing!
Debi Gerstel,
Fran The Man.
Chris Barry,
Sail fast my friend!
Jim & Angie Remaklus,
Sail on Captain!
Harry Boparai,
Always a pleasure to donate to a great cause, particularly when it involves one of our very best buds! You've already won the important race, Chris; now get out there, and win that regatta! John & Kit
John & Kit,
We love you Chris! Peter and Sally
Sarah Bonebrake,
It is time again for the Fabulous Leukemia Cup Regatta. I am still on my boat down in Mexico. But I Shall Return to participate in the regatta on June 11. More importantly this is your amazing opportunity to support a cure for evil blood cancers. I will be matching your donations up to some point I have yet to determine. I take this effort very personally due to my own experience with Lymphoma in the winter of 2014. I learned a lot from that. And my hair came back not so grey! Who needs Grecian Formula when you have lovely Chemo therapy!! Anyway I'm feeling much better now and enjoying sailing in Mexico. And Elliott Bay is next! On June 11th. There is a party afterwards the day of show. And there will be the Fabulous Buffalo Burger Bash at Nancy and my house in Renton. That will be Sunday July 17th at 4pm. Food and drink will be provided. June 11th is right around the corner people. Donate today and I will start matching!
Mark C Barry,
Sail on Chris, so happy you are fighting the fight!
Barbara and Bob Lynch,

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