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Jun 29, 2015


Jun 28, 2015


Good luck Doug.
alan huggins,
Dear Doug Nothing gave my late mother more joy than giving to worthy causes. I know she would be happy I have found such a cause and that it has a personal connection for me. Know that you were missed by those of us in Canada who were lucky enough to experience your leadership and kindness. Be strong.
Sue Selkirk,
Keep going Doug!
Steve and Anna Pinder,
To my larger than life friend Doug: keep fighting the fight buddy.
David Hederson,
All the best to you and Kristine!
Mohan Komanduri,
Thank you for your participation in such a wonderful event! Good Luck from Charleston City Marina!
The City Marina,
Doug, Good luck with your fight against AML. The LLS is a great organization and this is a worthy cause. Having personally been through a fight with lymphoma, I know you have what it takes to beat AML. My thoughts are with you and your family.
Mark Mollico,
Doug: Enjoy the sailing! Congrats on your courage to win. Best to you and your family for years to come and hope to see you in Charleston some day! Lisa and Bob Gfeller
Doug, my vey best wishes to you and your family during this challenging time. Cancer touches us all, sooner or later, directly or indirectly and I thank you for this opportunity to help in a small way. Len Berry
Len Berry,
Continued prayers and strength for you!
marshall croom,
Hey Doug, proud of you ! see you soon and god bless. Tim Ann & Jake Whelan
Tim Whelan,
Delighted to know you are doing well! This is a prefect perfect event by which you can help the LLS.
Dave Bernauer,
Doug Please know that the staff of E&P Trimwork is cheering for you all the way. Best wishes and Good Luck Shannon Neese, VP
Shannon Neese,
Doug: Best of luck raising money for such a great cause. Wishing you a continued strong recovery!
Michael Boyd,
Best of luck to you and will be thinking about you. Tim Whelan is a friend and thinks the world of you.
Mary Lib Richards,
Doug and Kristine You're warriors! Your story is so inspirational... My prayers are constant. Thessalonians Chapter 5 Versus 15 through 18. Smooth Sailing from here forward.
Peter Grimm,
Wishing you all the best Doug.
Tony Tutolo,
For Doug & all who helped to impart new opportunity into his life and for those millions of lives yet to be touched!
Richard Maltsbarger,
Keep fighting Doug!
Bob Hull,
Good luck with the Leukemia cup and God Bless You!
Elizabeth Eason,
Doug, I am so proud to call you brother. You and your family have battled this illness with such grace and humility.Thank you for advocating for others, and I'm in agreement with your mom about the book. Stay well and never give up! Love to you, Sis.
Marra Bodkin,
I am proud of the resilience both you and Kristine have shown on this long journey. I feel both sadness and great hope when I read your words. We will be there in Charleston to cheer you on, in fact, we will always be there for both of you:) Linda and David Ksieniewicz, Doug's Proud In-laws:)
david ksieniewicz,
Doug,I pray for you often.I use my facebook friend list for prayers and Kristine is on it.This was a very well written article and I enjoyed some of your journey. It is an encouragement, God bless you
darlene lewis,
I cried with pride when I read your letter. I feel full of thankfulness and humility that I raised such a spectacular person. Doug, please finish the book I think it's a winner and will inspire people.
Bev Gail, Mother of Doug,
Cheers to your next sailing adventure! All the best to you and Kristine!
Clarissa Felts,
Hi Doug, I know it has been many years since we last spoke. I look forward to speaking with you when you have fully recovered. I hope and pray that it is very soon. Steve Lamontagne
Steve Lamontagne,
Best Wishes Doug!!
Steve Saye,
Doug: Wishing you all the best! Tom
Thomas Yih,
Likely easier to donate than win the regatta! My thoughts and prayers stay with you Doug. You are going to beat this thing. Toby
William Schriber,
Paul, It was great to talk to you today. I have added $100 so we can reserve 2 tables. We are expecting to "drag along" a few people to make sure you raise lots of money. Thanks Doug Robinson
William D Robinson,

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