Individual Goal $10,000.00
Mar 05, 2014


Way to go Stuckey!!! Keep achieving the goals most others only think about.
Ryan Evans,
Yeah Stuckey!
Chris Lazinski,
Good luck Chris man!! Get out there and kill it as per usual. Cheers: Chase
Chase Sellmeyer,
Donating this to avoid the cold water challenge from Lizzie Beauchamp.
Jason Nicosia,
Good luck Chris!
Kathy Kollker,
Go get
Good for you, Chris! :-) Helen
Helen Vance,
Mad scientist!
Joshua Patterson,
Glad to donate brotha!
Kevin Harmon,
Great Campaign and Event Stucky !!
Jono Rabley,
Amazing accomplishment Stuckey!
Almost there! Good luck!
Hannah Walker,
Now there's only 100 left.
Matty Ahearn,
Your Dad is so proud of you, Chris.
Diane Triplett,
One of the most involved, caring fathers I knew growing up. The world is missing a wonderful man because of a horrible cancer.
Kristen Mitchell,
Cancer blows. Make sure you don't blow too.
Leon Williams,
Dedicated to all who have suffered or who are dealing with blood disorders with my prayers for cures.
Deborah Harman,
Proud of my Cousin Chris and all his hard work for his Dad.
Julie Dixon,
Keep the pedal down Chris
Guy Brierre,
Chris, Your mom...both taken by AML. Thank you for fighting the good fight - and best of luck on the event! Carolyn
Carolyn Krawczyk,
Great Campaign Stucky ! Have a great time doing such a noble thing !!!!
Jono Rabley,
Great Cause! Keep it rolling!
Robert Swigart,
In the name of all those loved ones lost to cancer...
Chris, Keep up the good work-your Dad would be very proud. Love, Bubba and Sue
Richard T,
Good luck Chris.
Our prayers are with you and this great cause! To think how many lives this touches - thank you!
Melissa Mattingly,
Hope you make it Stuckey!! Big hug from Holland!
You're the best, Stuckey!
Mallory Kaster,
Chris - Great cause! Great job! Good luck in hitting your goal.
Cathy and Pat Goad,
Good luck Stuck!
Matthew Justak,
You go, Chris
Jane Roberts,
And Joseph Myles too!
Jean Reif Geurts,

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Sat Apr 12, 2014 @08:00 AM  CDT

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