Individual Goal $1,500.00
Team Goal $3,000.00
Aug 09, 2017


Go Jimmer!
Kathy and John Tyrrell,
Way to go, Team Spinache!!! Love, Jimmy & Christine
James Lawless,
Here's hoping for big wind. Love you, Pam and Billy
Pamela Culver,
Jim, may you always be able to use that phrase, "complete remission!" The week after the regatta will mark 5 years since I lost Gretchen to acute myeloid leukemia.
Carmen Giunta,
It's great you're doing this, Jim. We love you, Linda and Mike
Linda Boyer,
Wish you well, Jim Paul and Indie
Paul Latonero,
Sail fast and safe. Glad you are doing so well. You do remember I'm a survivor too but mine was easier to deal with, I almost feel like it isn't right to classify myself as a survivor, I KNOW your you AND your family have been through he wringer but always with the optimism that is required. Good Luck!!!!! The Nolans
All the Nolan's,
Good luck in the race, Jim, regards, John and Christine
John and Christine Lambert-Gorwyn,
Jim & Team Spinache Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. Mark Twain
Paul & Marjorie Krupa,
Jim, Lisa and I wish you and your crew the best on race day for this very worthy cause.
Craig and Lisa Elliott,
Go team, go!
Margaret Vatter,
Jim, you continue to be such an inspiration to so many people. I am so proud of you. May the wind be at your back as Spinache hopefully crosses the finish line this year! Love you, Amy
Amy Lawless,
Captain Jim Lawless
Sandra DiNoto,
Keep up the great work! -Leone Family
Joseph Leone,
For the James Lawless/Spinache entry. Good luck to all and so glad to hear you are in great health!!! Ellen...your liberal buddy from the Animal Hospital!
Good luck, Jim. Thanks for all you do for this great cause. Angela
Angela Calabro,
Hoping for wind this year!! We love you.
Jamie & John Mellon,
Can't think of a better place to pay it forward!! My heart is overfilled knowing you will continue to be a positive, loving influence on my children and continue to be a beacon of love to me and Sam for many, many years to come!
Lisa Kimball,
Good luck Jim! Have a great Sail, Love, Inner peace clan
Jeff Hunsinger,
Hey Jimmer, wishing you smooth sailing and safe journey. Know your crew will have fun and serve you well. Love ya, Randy and Ann
Randy and Ann Graham,
Have a wonderful time sailing. Bob and carol ward
Carol Ward,
This donation is in honor of James Lawless for his valiant fight against CLL and a wish for his complete "cure." Thanks to the doctors and caregivers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for the remarkable progress he has made against this disease. I recently lost my brother, Terry Melville, to AML and in his memory I pray that a cure will be found so others may live on. Patti and John Constantine.
John and Patti Constantine,
Catch the wind, set your sails and enjoy the ride Ann and Dan
Dan and Ann Bloom,
Good luck today!
Charlene Ray,
Have a great day what a great cause thanks to you and others fighting for it.So glad to see you in better health. Stay strong. Patricia
Patricia Toscano,
Go! Go!! Go!!! ❤️
Whitney Stenziano,
You're an inspiration! Have fun out there!
Dan Miller,
Steve & Sandy Atwood
Steve & Sandy Atwood,
Way to go, Jim! Wishing you all of the very best ! Love, Katie & Kenn
Katie & Kenn LoBianco,
Happy Sailing! Always the best with lots of love -Margaret & Joe
Margaret Passafiume,
Please accept this belated contribution for Jim Lawless and Spinache. So happy to support all the efforts of the society. Thanks for all the pictures of the race!!! Rita and Michael
Rita Wojnar,

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