Honored Skippers


Participants in The Leukemia Cup Regatta sail in honor of local patients whose bravery in fighting blood cancer provides inspiration and motivation.


 Luke is a six-year-old stoic, little boy, currently in Kindergarten.  He plays baseball and soccer.

Luke was diagnosed with APML Leukemia just nine days after his third birthday on August 15, 2013.  APML is an adult form of leukemia and the treatment is a bit tougher for children in that one of the drugs needed is only available in pill form.  Of course this meant that Luke had to learn how to quickly learn how to swallow a capsule.  Luke's treatment plan lasted just over two and a half years.  He did ten weeks of outpatient chemotherapy, five days per weeks.  After that, there was a mix of impatient and outpatient infusions.  There were a lot of medications to manage from home.  Monthly blood work and also bone marrow biopsies every three months.

Luke lives at home with mom, dad and his younger brother, Ledger, who is now four.  He was only six months when Luke was diagnosed and they really are best friends, although not without plenty of sibling rivalry.  Luke also shares his home with his two dogs, Lulu and Remy. 

Luke is a super shy kiddo, a rule follower.  He loves his friends with all of his heart.  Currently, he favorite thing is trading Pokeman cards.  He's a sucker for a bounce house.  He loves the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Florida Gators.  Holidays make Luke super happy, every single holiday.  He's just begun to read and is learning a ton in school.  Luke should be in first grade, but mom and dad held him back from starting Kindergarten so he could finish up treatment without all the school germs.  Some of his favorite things to do are going out for ice cream, swimming with friends, going to the beach, movies and any kind of arts and crafts.  Luke loves pizza and Chic Fil A, but will never turn down salmon and spinach salad at home.

Luke has been off treatment just one year now.  We have had to continue the monthly labs and bone marrow biopsies every three months.  However, now at this one year mark, we will only go to the oncologist every other month.  Labs included and bone marrow biopsies are finished completely!



 Blake, who is now eight-years-old, was born on March 10, 2009.  On February 1, 2015, Blake began experiencing severe abdominal pain.  She was taken to the pediatric ER at Baptist downtown where she was diagnosed wtih appendicities and Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  Blake was immediately admitted to Wolfson Children's Hospital where she began her long road to recovery.  Her appendix was removed the afternoon of February 16th and two days later she began her leukemia treatment. 

Blake has had her ups and downs in the past year, but through it all she has remained a fighter.  She entered the maintenance phase of her protocol on December 22, 2015 and if everything proceeds as expected she will complete her treatment in June 2017 - just before she enters 3rd grade.


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