Local Staff Contacts

Local Staff Contacts

401 Harrison Oaks Blvd. 
Suite 200 
Cary, NC, 27513 USA 
Phone: (919) 367-4100 
Fax: (919) 367-4120

Executive Director: Emily Blust (emily.blust@lls.org)

Area Director: Helena Scott (helena.scott@lls.org)

Donor Development Manager: Cathy Bloomberg (cathy.bloomberg@lls.org)

Light The Night Campaign Director: Jennifer Coleman (jennifer.coleman@lls.org)

Senior Campaign Manager - LTN, Charlotte Area: Alyson Willis (alyson.willis@lls.org)

Campaign Manager - LTN, Triangle Area: Cameron Sims (cameron.sims@lls.org)

Campaign Specialist - LTN, Triangle Area: Natalie Jones (natalie.jones@lls.org)

Campaign Specialist - LTN, Charlotte Area: Hannah Carr (hannah.carr@lls.org)

Campaign Specialist - LTN, Triad Area: Susan Yancey (susan.yancey@lls.org)

Campaign Director - Man & Woman of the Year/ Students of the Year: Kate McGinn (kate.mcginn@lls.org)

Campaign Manager - Man & Woman of the Year: Allie Hanson (allyson.hanson@lls.org)

Campaign Specialist - Students of the Year / Man & Woman of the Year: Caroline Funkhouser (caroline.funkhouser@lls.org)

Campaign Manager - Student Series: Krissy Dunn (krystle.dunn@lls.org)

Campaign Specialist - Student Series: Jenny Wayne (jenny.wayne@lls.org)

Student Series: Robin Shaw (robin.shaw@lls.org)

Campaign Manager - Team In Training: Erica White (erica.white@lls.org)

Operations Manager: Meredith Johnson (meredith.johnson@lls.org)

Administrative Assistant: Carla Taylor (carla.taylor@lls.org)


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