Local Staff Contacts

Local Staff Contacts

100 Painters Mill Road 
Suite 800 
Owings Mills, MD, 21117 USA 
Phone: (443) 471-1600 
Fax: (443) 471-1601

Executive Director: Jonathan V. Wilson (jonathan.v.wilson@lls.org)
Senior Campaign Manager, Students of the Year & Leukemia Cup Regatta: Corinne Mayers (corinne.mayers@lls.org)
Operations Manager: Trisha Schwab (trisha.schwab@lls.org)
Operations/Campaign Assistant: Ashley Robison St. Clair (ashley.stclair@lls.org)
Operations Assistant/Receptionist : Georgia Cleland (georgia.cleland@lls.org)
Director, Donor Development: Sheronda Booker (sheronda.booker@lls.org)
Director, Light The Night (LTN): Libby Sheain (Libby.Sheain@lls.org)
Campaign Manager, LTN: Jillian Joseph (Jillian.Joseph@lls.org)
Campaign Manager, LTN: Kristin Zimmerman (Kristin.Zimmerman@lls.org
Campaign Manager, Man & Woman of the Year, Maryland: Stephanie (Clarkson) Gale (stephanie.gale@lls.org)

Campaign Manager, Man & Woman of the Year, Eastern Shore: Jennifer Veil (
Campaign Manager, Student Series: Sonia Dolinger (Sonia.dolinger@lls.org
Campaign Assistant, Student Series: Genesis Midence (Genesis.Midence@lls.org
Outreach Specialist, Student Series: Joni Reynolds (Joni.Reynolds@lls.org
Campaign Services Manager, Team In Training (TNT): Karen Rafala (karen.rafala@lls.org)
Campaign Manager, TNT: Casey Osgood (Casey.Osgood@lls.org)


National Supporters

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Suzy Leech  |  Katie Pettibone  |  Paige and Zach Railey   |  Dawn Riley   |  Matt Rutherford   |  Anna Tunnicliffe

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