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Participants in The Leukemia Cup Regatta sail in honor of one or more local patients or survivors whose bravery in fighting blood cancer provides inspiration and motivation.  Unfortunately for some, they sail in memory of someone who lost their battle with blood cancer and their spirit lives on through their efforts.

2017 HH Staci Hunt

In August 2013, I was a military wife and our family was stationed at Fort Meade. Our family took a vacation to California where my husband and I are from. While we were on vacation, my family noticed that I had some bruising on my legs and told me that I needed to see a doctor. When I returned to Maryland, I went to the doctor and did some tests. Eight days later I was referred to an oncologist, Dr. Carol Tweed, who diagnosed me with hairy cell leukemia. I was immediately admitted to Anne Arundel Medical Center for eight days of continuous chemotherapy. After some lifestyle changes and continual care from Dr. Tweed, I was declared to be in remission in June 2014. 

The experience changed my life. Prior to being diagnosed, I didn?t live a very healthy lifestyle. I was overweight, smoked cigarettes and never exercised. After some soul searching, I decided to do something about my health. I quit smoking and started to exercise. This journey to do something started October 2014. When I began, I weighed 261 pounds. Today, with the help and support of my family, my personnel trainer and dietician, I lost more than 100 pounds. I am in the healthiest shape I have ever been in my life. I run 5 and 10K?s that are for causes that are important to me such as the Freedom 5K for Wounded Warriors, the Orioles 5K for Casey Cares, and the 10K Across the Bay Bridge Run. Next month, I am tackling my first Tough Mudder in Philadelphia. 

I had chosen to take this diagnosis and fight in a direction that would not allow me to become a victim. I share my story with so many, not to scare them, but to empower them. I knew I would beat this diagnosis. Only positive thoughts and actions would be my mantra. I know my fight is my own, but if I can encourage or empower anyone it makes me feel even stronger. Strong enough to skydive for my birthday last year.


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