Local Staff Contacts

Local Staff Contacts

3877 N. 7th Street
Suite 300
Phoenix, AZ, 85014 USA
Phone: (602) 567-7600
Fax: (602) 567-7601

Executive Director: Jim Brewer (jim.brewer@lls.org)

Operations Director: Debbie Taylor (debbie.taylor@lls.org)

Light The Night Director: Anna Tovar (anna.tovar@lls.org)

Light The Night Campaign Manager: Pam Eisenberg (pam.eisenberg@lls.org)

Light The Night Campaign Manager: Christina Stucki (christina.stucki@lls.org)

Man & Woman of the Year Campaign Manager: Megan Brauner (megan.brauner@lls.org)

Man & Woman of the Year Campaign Assistant: Alexa Forkner (alexa.forkner@lls.org)

Light The Night Campaign Specialist: Holly Cook (holly.cook@lls.org)

School & Youth Programs Campaign Director: Sarah Yerden (sara.yerden@lls.org)

Team in Training Senior Campaign Manager: Aaron Dunn (aaron.dunn@lls.org)

Leukemia Cup Regatta: Naomi Martinez (naomi.martinez@lls.org)


National Supporters

The Leukemia Cup Regatta
is endorsed by

Celebrity Endorsers
Betsy Alison  |  Steve Benjamin  |  Steve Colgate  |  Carrie Howe  |  Terry Hutchinson  |  Gary Jobson  |  
Suzy Leech  |  Katie Pettibone  |  Paige and Zach Railey   |  Dawn Riley   |  Matt Rutherford   |  Anna Tunnicliffe

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